School Project Family Tree: History Lesson Plan

PHSE Family tree template

School Project Aims of Family Trees and History

This lesson plan is for a school project activity to familiarise the student with

  • ideas of family trees and migration down through the ages and how migration links to past events.
  • to make links with their present to past events – making a human connection across time
  • help students to think about why families migrate
  • develop child’s understanding the use of the terms migration or migrants and immigration or immigrant
  • to build that curiosity about self-identify; and
  • children valuing each other’s unique histories

School Project Activities

Children can work in pairs to create their family history timeline as part of this activity

  1. Decide how many generations you want your child to record.
  2. In the bottom box, children should write their name above the green line.
  3. Children should write the date of birth below the green line
  4. Children should write where they were born ie the town and country
  5. In the two boxers above children should write in the information, they don’t mind sharing about their parents.
  6. Support them decide whether they want to put one or both parents.
  7. children should complete the names of their grandparents. It doesn’t matter if they do not have all the details such as date of birth or the town in which they grandparents were born. This could form the basis of future oral history project where children are asked to interview parents and find out as much as they can about their grandparents.
  8. In the text boxes to the right, children should write three things they would like to share about each generation on their family tree. Things that make them laugh, things that make them particularly proud of who they are, things make their family unique. For example, they may have a Grandparent that may have been trailblazing musicians, artists, sportsmen, teachers …
  9. Alternatively, children might want to write something fascinating about their family’s/adoptive families past. It might be something they would like to share about their grandparents’ school days. Where they where they lived before they came to the country/town.
  10. Ask children whether they are aware of any significant historical event or headline news when their parents and grandparents were young, They may have lived through a world event like a war, significant sporting event.
  11. Encourage children to provide some feedback about their family trees.