School Family Tree and Geography Project

Kids Project Family Tree TemplateThe Purpose of a Cross Curricular Family Tree and Geography Activity

This cross-curricular activity supports children

  • uncover their Ancestors’ journey’s to and across the Americas
  • how to locate their ancestors origins on a map
  • learn to celebrate heritage
  • compare and contrast different ways parents our forebears travelled to and across America

PSHE Family and Geography Cross-Curricular Objective

Family Tree Activities

  • Ask children to choose a parent/member of the extended family/carer to interview at home
  • Students should gather some information about the person’s family origins. It can be to another town, state or country.
  • To make it easy they can use a school project family tree template to gather basic information ie names and places.
  • Of course, it doesn’t have to be a family member. They can complete a family tree template (see above) for a favourite teacher if they prefer. Ask them about any teachers they would like to interview and encourage them to take the initiative in making the approach.
  • In class, fix a fairly large world map to a classroom wall.
  • Ask children to write on a sticky piece of paper the town/state of origin/country. Help them to locate it on the large map.
  • You can use pins or sticky dots to record those locations.
  • Talk in class about the distribution of the dots