Family Tree Chart Example Template

Example Family Tree Chart

A typical Family Tree Chart Example

Why A Family Tree Chart

The family tree is the one obvious symbol of genealogy that look so good when perfectly framed on your wall, all displayed on a smart phone or tablet, is really a summary of your findings.


What to Include in Your Chart

A typical a typical blank family tree example would show the last for generations of your family. The most recent generation -you, your brothers and sisters, he’s at the very bottom.

The higher you go on the family tree chart template, the father back into time you travel and the more the tree begins to branch out. Because such a tree is only a summary, the only information included on each relative his name, dates of birth, marriage, and death.

Logically, you should begin with what you already know about yourself and your immediate family. Start at the bottom and fill in this information for yourself and your brothers and sisters. Then go up to the second generation line, the feeling in the information for your mother and father. How did you learn this information? By asking them of course!

Through the oral history. Just by completing this first phase of the chart, you can see how much information you were able to collect easily from immediate family members. This was the easy part, since it all relied on what was already family knowledge.

 A summary of Family History

When you complete your family tree chart seen in the example, remember you are compiling your family history that is a complete as you can make it. After all, simply discovering the names of their ancestors isn’t the sole reason for the search; a nothing where and when some of your great great abilities lived at isn’t enough. You want to find out how they lived and really get a feel for the world and society which they inhabited. Ideally, your family tree chart should contain

You want to find out how they lived and really get a feel for the world and society which they inhabited. Ideally, your chart should contain name, date and place of birth, if no longer living, date and place of death, occupation is known despite the family trees abbreviated character, you can use it as a way of measuring your progress since it’s easy to see where the gap so.

You might be able to fill in part of the fifth generation, your great great grandparents, but you probably have only scant information on one or two out of the sixth in. Keeping the oral tradition in mind, you are now ready to begin your own family tree.