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Easy to download!

‘They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations' 

There are many reasons why prosperous people preserve family history... editable family tree download is just a simple way of doing it. See video on how ...

Encourage future generations to commemorate their family's unique past?

Family Tree Chart Personalised

Our family tree charts can help you show young people how they relate to your grandparents – their great-grandparents?

If you’re looking for an editable family tree download for a school project?

blank family tree chart for kids school project

Our downloadable blank family tree charts are easy to download. They are excellent for helping children grasp easily ideas of family relationships within the family.

Do you want to inspire in your children a love of learning their history

Blank editable Family Tree

Our family tree templates encourage children to look into the past and think about the role their forebears may have played in shaping their present.

Other Links to help with your project and create your family tree chart


Search digitized records to create your family tree

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For education and resources for those researching African-American roots

Cyndi’s List

For listing of sites dedicated to researching family history

Search family records from around the world

For online resources


Search for names and places,

Google Maps 

For help to locating ancestral addresses.

Google Earth 

For help you locate ancestral addresses.

Tools and how-tos for beginne