School ICT Project Family Tree Templates

School Project – Blank Family Tree Templates

Family Tree Templates 4 School ProjectThese blank School family tree project templates are printable and available in Powerpoint. They are an excellent way to support children develop their ICT PowerPoint skills and understanding of self-identity. Family projects in schools enable them to grasp easily ideas of family relationships and diversity within the family and within their community.

The blank charts are great for improving your child’s writing abilities in their early years. If they are older, then the PowerPoint or electronic formats can help them to develop their computer skills and an appreciation of familial ties.


Family Trees Templates

School Projec Family Tree green

You can use this with your family School lesson plan to show a child how they relate to you your parents and your grandparents.

Enter the names, date of birth and place of birth for relatives. Let them interview living relatives write notes about them. This template helps you to summarise what life was like for each generation (with reference to family migration, culture or technology).

You can also add notes to inspire a love of learning and improve your existing ICT or computer skills

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Family tree template for school projectParents and Educators can use this to show a child how they relate to you your parents and your grandparents. The boxes for notes to help to gain a sense and appreciation what life was like and how things have changed over the generations.

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School Family Tree Project Kids - 1


This family tree chart can be used in interviews with parents and grandparents. Children can collect basic information such as names, date of birth and place of birth. Children can enjoy and at the same time improve their PowerPoint skills.

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School Template for family tree


Blank Kids’ Family tree – helping children explore self-identity. With this family tree, you can show graphically a child how they relate to you and your parents. You could also encourage kids to improve their ITC skills by cropping images of vintage family photos and placing them alongside the boxes and develop their interest in history.

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